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The Community Garden was made possible through the generosity of:

Community Spaces/Groundwork (Big Lottery Fund)
The SITA Trust
The City Bridge Trust
Virador Credits Environmental Company
The Nindís Wandsworth Church Trust

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Saturday,4th December 2010

The grand opening!


Friday, 19th November 2010


This is now painted & clad in ipe timber.

The Southern Garden paths & most of the front Entrance is now complete.


A newly planted Olive against red bricks and a darkening sky.


Thursday, 4th November 2010

Planting has progressed well in the mild autumn weather.....


Composting before planting


Bare root Hawthorn plants

Soaking before planting

Planting wildlife hedgerow

Rosa rugosa hips

Planting herbs against south facing wall


Monday, 1st November 2010

A great moment in the Garden Project at St. Andrews.

Planting began today.


Plants are stored behind security fencing.


Open ground plants in bundles have had roots soaked in a bin of water & are stored wrapped in tarpaulin.


Thursday, 21st October 2010

New gate installed leading into Community Beds off Waynflete
Single gate posts with stays falling in centre of railings panel
Brick edging & threshold installed


Engineering bricks laid flat & butt jointed


Gaps left in brick edging infilled with matching bricks.

Engineering bricks laid flat, end to end & butt jointed
Mitred to follow corners of church.
Type 1 MoT scalpings installed as base to tarmac dressed in resin bound gravel.


Saturday, 16th October 2010

Great progress has been made on the labyrinth. A concrete screed has been laid along the paths between the different shaped setts which mark out the path edges. This has left 20mm to be filled with resin bound gravel.



Work has continued on the sett edgings to the paths and the base layer of scalpings in readiness for the resin bound gravel.


Tuesday, 5th October 2010

Warren gates have curved the existing railing panels to form a recessed entrance to the southern garden off Garratt Lane.
Lots of cutting, grinding, brute force & welding to achieve a quarrier circle curve on both sides of the entrance.
The cuts & welds need lots of cleaning up & filling before painting.
Double gates & gate posts have been installed between the curved railings.
The single gate on Waynflete street has also been installed.


Tegula sett detailing of the labyrinth can now be seen.
Space between setts is infilled with screeded concrete before resin bound gravel is applied.


We have set out for the brick seats & masked off the adjacent tegula setts to keep them clean.
Brickwork starts tomorrow (fingers crossed)

Clearance continues.
Veggies retained for now.



Wednesday, 29th September 2010

A plate vibrator being used to compact the hardcore base to the paths.


The location of the new gate onto Waynflete Street.


With rain imminent a gazebo is for tea breaks is erected.


John and Hilary discuss the soakaway box installed to disperse water that will be collected from the Garden's hard surfaces.


A plastic pipe will conduct water from the back of the Yellow Room to the tap to be installed near the south east door.

KC Drains have been attempting to remove tree roots from the pipes under the garden. If they are unsuccessful and have to install new drains there will be a delay to the Garden build.


Thursday, 23rd September 2010

In southern garden excavations are pretty well complete & almost all the arisings have been removed.


We now have all bricks, drainage & paving materials on site & a good reserve of cement & aggregates including an 18tonne load of quarry scalping as paving base material.


Crossley Stone Quarries in Halifax have quarried stone & have set it up for sawing radius segments. We have checked dimensions again on site. This will be ready in a week or two.


We have installed a 1cubic metre soakaway. The subsoil is a free draining sand & gravel mixture which is ideal. Pipework is to connect to channel drain in front of south west door & to a landflex pipe which will run around the northern edge of the labyrinth. It is extended to be available to use to collect water off the front of the church if needed. Soakaway modules are wrapped in geotextile membrane & backfilled with hardcore capped with scalpings & concrete adjacent to the labyrinth


The channel drain in front of south west door is installed & connected to soakaway & we have also installed a channel drain at the south east door which will discharge into the existing gully. We have rebuilt the gully surround.



The Magnolia has been pruned, rootballed, transported & replanted. It went well. I think it's chances of survival are better than 50%.


Warren Gates have done the first phase of their work. Railings on Garratt Lane in front of the church have been removed & the gate into the southern garden has been removed. Railings have been modified & reinstalled returning through 90 degrees onto the corners of the church. They need further work. Priming & painting exposed metalwork, stays replaced & ball finials on new posts.

Next task will be to curve 2 panels to form recess for new entrance & to remove gates from front of church (in above picture) & reinstate in southern garden. This will start towards the end of next week.


Wednesday, 22nd September 2010

The railings partially removed from the west end of church.


View looking west towards the labyrinth showing aggregate for foundations and drainage piping.


The 'earth' end of the lightning conductor revealed during excavations.


View of the South Garden looking west towards Garratt Lane.


John Sallis and Hilary Harris inspect the construction materials.


Friday, 17th September 2010

Clearance and excavations are underway.

Stripping turf.


Green waste for recycling.


Rubbish from the back of the church - mixed waste which is difficult to recycle.


Excavation of the old path to become lawn and planting.


Hardcore and subsoil for recycling. Will be removed by grab lorry.


Tuesday, 14th September 2010


The benches have been moved to provide a 'desk' for planning and somewhere for a cup of tea!


Denise Mumford (Garden Project Chair) Hilary Hanslip (Lead Professional) and John Sallis (Landscape Architect who submitted the winning tender) discuss the finer points of the proposed labyrinth.


The 'English Bond' brickwork of the church will be mirrored in the brick base sections to the stone seating.


The 'memorial' Magnolia stellata to the left is being carefully relocated.


The site of the labyrinth.


Tuesday, 7th September 2010

The Southern Garden the day before work starts. A green space in the busy, built up Earlsfield. Passed by hundreds of people daily but few enter the garden.......